Courses at Stockholm University:

Selected readings:
JB, 2016, “Drawing, Reading, Sharing: A guide to the Manga Hokusai Manga Exhibition,” booklet published on the occasion of the world traveling exhibition Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master’s Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics, by The Japan Foundation: Download here (17,8 MB)
Exhibits slides (100MB)

  • Lecture course Japanese Popular Culture (undergraduate level, in English) — HT 2017, in HT 2018 combined with international conference Manga, Comics and Japan: Area Studies as Media Studies
  • Lecture course Introduction to Japanese Studies (undergraduate level, in English; course coordinator) — HT 2017, HT 2018
  • Japanese VI (seminar in Japanese, master level) — HT 2016, HT 2017
  • Research seminar: master thesis in Japanese language and culture (in English, master level) — VT 2017, VT 2018
  • Theories and Methods in Asian Studies (seminar in English, master level) — VT 2016, VT 2017, VT 2018
  • De-Westernizing Key Concepts of the Humanities (seminar in English, Doctoral School of the Faculty of Humanities) — VT 2017

Principal Supervisor of PhD Students 
(at Kyoto Seika University, Japan, and SU; FY=Japanese Fiscal Year from April to March)
completed, and in progress [discontinuation in 2016 due to change from KSU to SU, involvement as external committee member]

  1. FY2010-2014 Luo Rong Rong (on alternative comics in China, Japan and America): PhD obtained
  2. FY2011-2014 Angela M. Acosta (on OEL [Original English Language] Manga in North America): PhD obtained
  3. FY2011-[2016] Jiao Fan (on lianhuanhua as positioned between graphic narrative and picturebook)
  4. FY2013-2016 Olga Kopylova (Media mix as adaptation: anime, manga, light novels) : PhD obtained
  5. FY2015-2016 Zoltan Kacsuk (From geek to otaku culture and back again: Subcultural clusters in the international dissemination of anime-manga culture as seen through Hungarian producers): PhD obtained
  6. FY2013-[2016] Selen Çalik (“Playing anime”: A Comparative Media-Theoretical Approach to Anime): PhD obtained
  7. FY2015-[2016] Stevie Suan (Anime’s performativity in a globalized world): PhD obtained
  8. FY2012-[2016] Takeuchi Miho (Manga and Art Education): PhD obtained
  9. FY2012-[2016] Olga Antononoka ([Kabuki] performance in manga, manga as performative media): PhD obtained
  10. FY2015-[2016] Dalma Kálovics (shōjo manga magazines of the 1960s): defense February 2019
  11. FY2016- Suraya Binti md Nasir (Manga-style comics in Malaysia): defense February 2019
  12. FY2014-[2016] Lee Sinyoung (women’s manhwa in South Korea in the mid-1980s): defense July 2019?
  13. FY2015-[2016] Morishita Toyomi (individual animation, 1960s-1980s): defense July 2019?
  14. FY2013-[2016] Kobayashi Shō (on anime’s voice actor)
  15. 2017– Ida Kirkegaard (Visual innovation in anime)